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Friday, April 15, 2011

PHILOSOPHY-The problems of the site create the greatest opportunities for interest

After spending over an hour this afternoon going through  30,000+ digital pics on my mac looking for the before picture of this landscape, I decided to appeal to your imagination: small, pie-shaped property, detached garage, dominant driveway, numerous vehicles and a basketball hoop. Where to begin the design process? .....figure out how to lose the driveway, retain the access, keep the patio from feeling closed in and allow for basketball to be played.

The American dream is to have multiple cars and 5 acres. The greater American dream is to not have to look at the cars when relaxing on the patio!  


These are just a few examples from my projects and they are focused on the problem of losing the driveway. With over 2,700 projects in my career, many of them on smaller suburban properties, losing the driveway has often been the starting point in the design process. It has rarely been,  "Where are we going to put the petunias?" Landscape design is not just about plants- it is about creating outdoor living spaces that include plants. In my experience, the  most difficult properties- dark, small, irregularly shaped- have ended up the best, because I really had to think hard and come up with my most original ideas. My objectivity and expertise  in problem solving and space planning can spare you frustration and expense. I want your landscape to feel as comfortable as your family room. 

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