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Friday, January 28, 2011


Sandra Bullock and I have something in common.  James Brown became a treasured member of our family years ago. It was before 2000, because that was the year we renovated the kitchen. HGTV's show  "If These Walls Could Talk" had us considering a time capsule in an empty spot behind a cabinet. The night before the granite counter top installation, potential mementos were seriously debated. The image of James being removed from the wall during a kitchen redo 50 years in the future  had us all wondering if the Eveready batteries would still power "The Godfather of Soul's" dancing and singing rendition of "I Feel Good." Ultimately, I could not part with James, although I have since purchased 2 more for posterity.

First time I changed his batteries, I discovered James Brown's white butt!

When my friends with larger homes are carrying  on about trying to keep toilet paper in all 8 bathrooms,  I  empathize.  While I only have 2 baths to maintain, I have scores of toys. Bill has come home to find me, exhausted on the recliner from an afternoon with the Phillips head screwdriver and the Costco packages of replacement batteries.

Those of you who have been so wonderful to follow my new baby blog might have been perplexed by a posting of this blog without captions earlier this week. Unlike James, I haven't felt so good since late last week. The head cold from Hell was holding my sense of humor hostage. In the wee hours of the morning, wanting to learn how to insert a video in my blog,  I attempted a post, blew my nose, then deleted the post seconds later. Cyberspace was faster than my sneeze--my apologies.

I've broken onto the other side and feeling much better now and hope you feel good too. Here's to a great weekend and hoping this post works!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A client had relocated here from Texas. She suggested we Clevelanders needed a drinking game
-every time the TV said "Lake effect snow...."
 we would do a shot!
I survive winter by imagining the flowers in my garden.....

and I try to laugh a lot.

She has moved back to warmer climates.

I send out for 2 buck Chuck.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Buster, the cat, and I get up at the crack of dawn everyday. I drink coffee and read blogs and Buster lays on my chest. I happily leave retrieving the newspaper to Bill.

The internet is upsetting our division of labor.

Bill likes to remark that I have it easy.

But, just as Ginger did it backwards in heels.......
I do this reclining backwards with a cat on me.

He, who must not be disturbed.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I purchased this 336 page cookbook, FAIRMOUNT FARE  at a rummage sale. It is a fascinating collection of recipes hand written with drawings by each of the contributors. The women were all members of Fairmount Presbyterian Church and some of their daughters are the older women I have met in their Guild. The Recipes From the Deep South is amazingly politically incorrect by today's standards and is remarkable because of its' guilessness.

The table of contents shows post war recipes, so I assume it was created in the mid-1940s.

There were dozens of recipes with Knox gelatin and meat and vegetables. I included the pork cubed recipe because it sounds particularly unappetizing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Grandpa's Love Letter

Floyd Leslie Thompson is my grandfather. I was named for him. I'm glad I was a girl, as Floyd is  a rather flat name. Grandpa signed all his paintings  F. Leslie Thompson so it is safe to assume he didn't think Floyd was the sexiest name either.
Grandpa wrote Grandma a love letter in 1911 before they were married. He was a young man working in Cleveland and though they were both from Chicago, Grandma was in New Mexico.

I had it framed by The Wood Trader in a two-sided frame so that the entire card can be enjoyed.

I'm 57 years old and I still snicker like 5 year old whenever I see the name Fannie! Grandma was actually quite the proper WASP.

I keep a jar of Noxzema just so I can open it and smell her. 
I love the comment that Cleveland "is quite boisterous in public. Things are allowed here that would not be tolerated in Chicago."

Chicago must have worked pretty hard to change its' reputation by the 1920s!

Imagine a time before men were glued to the Sports Channels.............

"Talk about lonesome and getting fits.  Why you ought to see me Sunday nights. I just go wild and tear my hair for want of your company."
Well Dearies, this is the only love letter I possess.  If the house is burning I'd grab it right after yelling to Bill to turn off the TV.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Duh, it is snowing

Cleveland Winters - A Haiku by Adam Ross

 Duh, it is snowing
 It does this every season
 Do not act surprised

I've lived in Cleveland, Ohio on Maple Road for 30 years.
I know that the sun will come out eventually.
I know that spring will come.

I have created a cocoon.
This blog will be the story of the creation of that cocoon-
and the life that develops in it.